The HHS mandate is an overt attack by the Obama administration on the Catholic Church. Catholic Advocate is once again leading the charge to defend our religious liberties, but we urgently need your help. Our plan is to recruit parish leaders nationwide to rally fellow lay Catholics to blanket members of Congress with letters against the mandate. Will you sign up to be a parish leader today?

Our bishops are speaking out on this issue in almost every single state. Priests have mentioned it in their homilies. Now it is our turn to add our voices to theirs! By signing up to be a parish leader we will provide you with a toolkit containing everything you need to organize support for legislation to fix this issue, including instructions for generating letters to elected officials who we have pre-identified for you. We have also included a suggested parish bulletin insert and "Question & Answer" document.

The only way we are going to protect our religious liberties is by standing together. Please sign up today.
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